Monday, January 15, 2018

New Year & New Story

Prospect Ave fire
Love is a story that brings goodness even in difficult times. Last month a 3 year old child playing with a gas stove in the Bronx, New York set a building on fire that killed 13 lives. Under these tragic circumstances Love united people from all faith walks, age and ethnic groups in one of the most tragic fires in decades in NYC history. People brought clothes, toiletries, water, toys, linen, and other basic items to a school to comfort the displaced families. The media made it all personal by interviewing families who reported the chilling stories as they spoke to their loved ones during the fire. One mother died holding her daughter as she seek refuge in a bath tub. Who is to say the child accused in this incident turned on the gas burner because it was too cold? Sometimes tragedies are preventable. The Fire Marshals assessed the scene and found several violations in the 100 year old building. Unfortunately, NYC Housing Authority is the biggest slum landlord. I grew up in them. My mom lives in one of their senior apartment complex. During my stay I called the repair hotline to report mom had no hot water, and other issues. The customer service rep said someone  would be there in 24 hours and they never show up while I was there. Management folks are lazy. In person I had a stern attitude to get things done. My mom was told to update her information online. I had to inform the manager  here is the information you need. Mom doesn't have access to a computer and speaks, reads and writes in Spanish. Furthermore, I had to make him aware we were the only ones in his office and there was no one in the lobby so please help. He gave me a bad attitude and it took him 40 mins to do the "simple" task because he knows how to navigate the system. It was stressful as my patience was tested. I empathized with my brother who deals with system much frequently. He would have handle the situation much more aggressive and brought the down the saints from heaven to appease him due to the lack of professionalism of the manager.

Bronx River Projects
Candles lights for the fire victims 
I grew up in the projects and many instances our source of heat was boiling water and plenty of layers of clothing. We felt and looked like Ralphy in the Christmas Story movie. Since my mom is a Spanish news junkie, one day alone the NYC Housing maintenance hotline had over 40,000 calls. Many buildings during the snow cyclone had no heat or hot water. Being in NYC reminded me of where I came from and what the Lord rescue me from. I attended schools with children who had Street Sisters and drug dealers as parents. Some of my friends ended in dangerous life styles. I lost friends to street violence. As so many fires were blasted in the news I remembered losing friends to a fire the building across from where I grew up. Patricia and  her siblings lived on the 14th floor and burned alive while shouting for help from a bedroom window. Grief is real and a lot of folks in NYC light candles in the dark moments of pain. I was reminded to talk to the trench workers at the Love Drop-In Center. Every month we need to do a small memorial service to our Street Sisters and Brothers who die daily to crime especially the opiate addiction. Light is hope in darkness. God had a way for a family emergency to make me end 2017 and start the New Year in my home town. New York is so rich in culture and money yet poverty is everywhere. The place where New York Stock Exchange and United Nations are located it amazes me how culturally and in money it so rich and poverty is everywhere. In comparison to the five boroughs the Bronx has the highest poverty and crime rate. It is where the Yankees Stadium is located.

I was glad to be in New York City the capital of diversity for the holidays. I had all the traditional Puerto Rican food and spent quality time with my family. In the midst of chaos,
tragedy, poverty, slum landlords, & I can't ignore the snow bomb cyclone, Love was evident! People gather to serve each other in joy and mourning. I had to watch the Spanish programs and the news every evening. The news seem to be one sided. My mom is one sided. I honor, respect and most importantly I love her. The love of a parent is special. She remembers my likes and dislikes. She stills sees me as a little girl. I didn't want to talk to her about politics and it happened. I wasn't politically correct with her. One thing about my mom she is stubborn. Her way is the only way even if it doesn't make sense.  Her opinions are valid. Immigration is being talked about everywhere even in the elevators. There were instances I wanted to laugh at her so hard so I smiled. I would introduced her to the other side of a topic about an overburden system and the wall that is going to be built. (I don't believe the wall is the solution in the boarder). My mom shut me up with her Spanish remarks! "You are daughter of an immigrant and you have been a blessing to many because you were given opportunities in the land of opportunities. The children of immigrants born here are innocent and they are better off here than in the homeland of their parents. Esther, have you not seen those children you help abroad, they are dieing?" As she spoke I had many flashbacks of both the dead and those living I had an opportunity to serve. Mom is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!  I excluded her comments about President Trump since the irony of her comments would be lost in translation. A parent's love is unconditional. My mom still to this day don't know what I do in Columbus, Ohio and some of the risky missions abroad. I only talk to her about the good things and she knows there are challenges. My Mom has mental illness. Here in NYC chaos her physicians, counselor, and aides speak Spanish and are culturally competent. The counselor is able to keep her straight when she tries to manipulate him to see her point of view.

My little Sister, Sarah
Hurting folks are good in manipulation. People working with them need to be experts to catch them in their bluff. I have seen and experienced a lot with our first safe house. Gilgal #1 as a transitional house has been extremely challenging. The women come from difficult backgrounds and don't like boundaries. They love self-pity. They take and don't want to give back. This year it will be different. At times they are confrontational and disrespectful. We are about self-sustainability. We are not welfare. We are Help Care. Sarah Parker, has been volunteering as a case manager. She is an amazing trench worker, a jack of all traits in and out of the alleys and been my moral and emotional support. We have been mutually therapeutic to one another. This year it is all about tough love. Case Managers who read this blog please make sure they meet our one page criteria and willing to follow the house rules. No flexibility this time! We have a zero tolerance for nonsense. Sarah's personal story made her suitable for this position. Her mom was Bonita Parker, a street sister killed closely to 30 years ago. Justice prevailed when the killer was identified last year due to his DNA.  Sarah has empathy and gifted for this task. Efficiently at it's best she managed to get the girls out within the time frame. I am sure all the 8 served in our first year experienced some bitter and more better moments at the Gilgal #1. Nevertheless they all experienced a collision with love, grace, and mercy.

January is human trafficking awareness month I think about one of our nonviolent freedom fighters, Martin Luther King. He was one of the greatest civil right activist of the 20th century  who left a legacy. He said "Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend." He knew love is the element of change despite of life challenges  it is needed to overcome hatred and ALL TYPES of INEQUALITIES. Love is not a monetary currency it is relational. It is naturally found in all of us; we need to cultivate it with someone or in a group. LOVE is REVOLUTIONARY. This new year I am not about resolutions ALL in for the LOVE REVOLUTION even if I die or go to jail for my compassion. I desire to be an agent of change with the support of fellow trench workers to richly blessed as we continue the war against human trafficking, opiate addiction and poverty. Maybe for once the media can look to us for answers. Trench workers are indigenous leaders which makes them transformational in their strategies because they are in the places working with people who are ignored and considered worthless. I am one of those worthless folks but I am loved by them and my comrades as well. In capitalism my multi-billion love currency is useless. Everything is all about how much you have in your bank account. Another year past in which I was declined for a business loan. I have a dream about more buildings and houses to come on our laps! It means I will have a bigger faith this year. My fellow comrades will continue to live by the golden rule every day from sun set to sun down. We have identified through the voices of the folks we serve the medication assisted program drug Suboxone has proven to be ineffective treatment in the opiate crisis while the doctors, court systems, prisons, clinics, and rehab programs receives a financial cut from pharmaceutical manufacturers who create these legal medical synthetics drugs. Now this year there is a group pushing for recreational marijuana. On the Hilltop, Marijuana is affordable but it is laced with Fentanyl. Weed is not an opiate however the side effects are the same it effects the mid-brain, the sensory and emotion compartment. It takes 72 hrs to feel better after going cold turkey from opiates and it takes 2 weeks to go through withdrawals from THC. HELLO we have not even won the war with opiates now we are ready for another one.

Leaders need to be transparent. I am not perfect. I make mistakes and that is part of human nature. Last year, I was pissed off  by some incompetent folks who wanted a platform and caught in their lies.  Kathleen Martin has been my buffer to keep me in alignment. Brilliant and sometimes militant but with love. She is an Army Veteran. I learn from her to move on pick your battles even when all odds are against you. Sometimes a mistake provides a moment of compassion to someone going through it. Your story is a message of hope and healing even with start up nonprofits. My personal story has been shared with a few street sisters who asked. I am an open love letter. They hug me and cry. I am sure those tears were cleansing as I pray for them. Sometimes when two heart beats come together there is transference of  good energy. I know my heart is right. The Street sisters have radiant smiles when we connect. They thank you and of course say I Love You and they mean it. Human contact and healthy touch is comforting and releases dopamine the neural transmitter they desire. Any woman can be in their position. Some live in the suburbs addicted to pills and alcohol they hurt like my Street Sisters. My heart goes out to them wherever they at. Betrayal, being lied to, and experiencing all types of abuse hurts tears a person down. The stories of  my lovely street sisters are tragic. On the last blog I wrote about a survivor of human trafficking who relapsed to the devils drug, heroin and was on life support. Her soul now rest in peace and her son will be raised by her mom. My mission this year is for them is to experience something better with the trench workers at the Love Drop-In Center. Those trench workers are amazing they are true hearts of compassion who are faithful and love not only in words but in action.  My New Story involves all types of trench workers here and elsewhere, young and wise, in and out of the front lines in schools, churches, camps, shelters, and wherever including government offices we want a healthy city and state. Trench workers from Columbus and nation ARISE & UNITE for this FIGHT we can win any war as we live by the Golden Rule. Our motto is Hope is our Dope.

If there is anyone struggling with addiction don't repeat history. You have everything in you to start a new chapter from your book. Right now surrender to the God who created you! You master the substance! The substance doesn't master you. You were born innocent and to be LOVE. Give up the addiction Allow Hope to Be Your Dope. Your decision to give up your addiction will be your Love Story for someone in the near future. Go ahead set the world on fire, be a leader even if you need to crawl in your anguish. I know of a tribe that will crawl with you! Martin Luther King said it best “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward." Dope and other illicit drugs is a temporary escape of hurt yet it keeps you stagnant simply STUPID. We will need more Love Drop-In Centers I see some lives change already. We need them with showers so they can feel clean (a part of therapy) and lounge with a few cots so the girls to rest. Faith Community Church, a store front church has agreed to allow us to be there rent free for now. I love Pastor Jeff, Sue Ben, and my DUVALI sister, Veronica trench workers to the core. This year I am looking for a financial breakthrough there are several store front places on Sullivant Ave that would be perfect and of course the big dream of  the Love Depot that is across Gilgal #2. We have had some setbacks this year with Gilgal #2. However we have two houses, a small lot of land, the Love Bug, and the mighty trench workers who have partnered. We are small yet willing to rescue the women, children and others as we continue to run the race set before us to save lives through LOVE. Our Christmas party angels came through with the toys and coats for the kids, food and Christmas bags for the women it was warm and cozy. It was sad to see some of my sisters eat and get sick. I pray for the trench workers to be present when our hurting street family ask to be free from the chains of addiction and human trafficking. Hope, faith, and love are the links in my freedom chain and of course my Dope is Hope. Allow your New Story and one of your new year resolution for 2018 to be involved by sharing some love to strangers and become the Love Revolution. Embrace the moving words of Martin Luther King Jr  "Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Lovely Street Sisters

Love is social justice mixed with mercy and favor. Like hurricane Irma became the reset button to my island of Puerto Rico, the shining star of the Caribbean sea. Our local government and Capitol Hill need a LOVE Hurricane to reset the thinking patterns of the officials. Be aware I am going to exercise my first amendment right. The same amendment that pimps and drug dealers in ghettos, government offices, and websites like Backpage, utilize to justify and operate their highly sophisticated criminal activities locally, nationally and internationally. They are FREE this Thanksgiving at the expense of their human capital called human trafficking victims. As a modern day abolitionist I ask myself the question "Why are so many bills being written against human trafficking instead of enforcing the 13th amendment that abolished slavery in 1865? Seriously, it takes trillions of dollars to write bills and people sit in their offices on tax payers money to argue about everything in Capitol Hill.
Lately, the media is posting sexual harassment claims from the past and current. Have you ever wonder why is  Human Trafficking and the Opiate addiction Crisis has gotten worst?
Hyper-sexual politicians, police officers,  reporters, movie directors and addicts have the same defect on their mid-brain they lack the neural transmitter, Dopamine. They are looking for a quick fix. Their fore-brain called the thinking brain is defected. They lack of common sense and empathy to the lives that die and they abuse. Married or single people are not sexual objects. My lovely street sisters are daughters, mothers, aunts, cousins and even grandmothers. My transgender family are victimized. As a public health nurse I am limited. I feel I am losing the war at times. I am grateful for the board members, trench workers in offices and on the streets. Angie and Tonya from AIDS Healthcare Foundation who freely supply me condoms and health checks for my street family. Bailey a licensed social worker at the Columbus Health Department who supplies me with the female condoms. I can't ignore the situation and the volunteers know not to judge me. Every life matters here in the United States and abroad.
I am seeing more children out on the streets being victimized less than 5 miles from the government buildings.  They are innocent. They do anything to survive. Do you know how many times I have been tempted to load them up in the Love Bug? As a licensed medical professional I can be charged with kidnapping while the pimps kidnap children all the time. If I had the funds I would love to have a boarding school where trench workers become their blended family. Utopian thought here in America. However, I have seen villages abroad who take care of their children with NO money. Abandoned monasteries have purposeful use. What about if someone donates an abandon school or church building to 1DivineLine2Health? Traumatized children need a conducive setting to learn where everyone comes from similar backgrounds. No more bullying because their parents are addicts or street walkers. The Educators, Counselors, Teachers, Therapists, Nurse and Principal are compassionate to the children. A place where children are taught survival skills and allow them to explore the world with their five senses. How amazing it would be for these American kids in city jungles to have a chance to meet my kids abroad in tropical jungles? Keep dreaming with me ANYTHING is POSSIBLE in this blog. Children learn to eat healthy meals and learn motor skill coordination techniques by different physical activities. Everyday, team building activities take place and different types of leaders are born. A school where specialized sensory room is accessible on each floor so when a child is having a bad day a counselor can spend the TLC needed to teach him/her it is OK to talk and act out their feelings without hurting others. ALL Children are resilient and maybe we can learn from them.
Research has proven that abuse damages brain cells. What about if we can have good stimulus to generate brain cells through Love. As a result, we stop children from believing that the dark world of violence is their only future. Children need to be enlightened and cared for in a healthy environment. It is evident homeless children in pain have a final outcome the gang life and be introduced to the opiate world that hijacks their brain. Today lies another young lady in a local hospital ICU bed, brain dead. The family hasn't made the decision to take her off life support all due to an opiate overdose after relapsing. She will leave behind a six year old and her mom to raise him.

I am not fond about American politics. I know there is a remnant in government offices that is for the people and go through so much red tape to get their agenda heard and implemented. Similarly, to the trench workers who voluntarily exposed themselves to all sort of dangers in jungles of the inner city and suburbs as they work with those enslaved to drugs, prostitution and other kinds of criminal activities. There's HOPE and that's my DOPE! There are a few good men who still know how to treat women with love and respect despite the situation there in. They are ordinary men who see 1DIVINELINE2HEALTH meeting the needs of the lovely street sisters, their children and people suffering. Their support help us be consistent with the services to victims and survivors we serve. Our interaction develops trust, respect and entrance to the world of those who are hurting. We have had a few rescues this year and hoping for some more before the year ends. Unfortunately, there is no detox place in Columbus that accepts the so many trafficked women with children. This breaks my heart! Our system takes over two hours at the point you contact the national human trafficking hotline in DC and they transfer you to the homeless hotline who lack customer service and ask you if  the victim is homicidal or suicidal to be transferred to Netcare. If the answer is no they are put on a waiting list for a shelter and the victim is still homeless.

Sister Nadine 
Confession: Everyone thinks what Sister Nadine and other trench workers do is rewarding. Let us be honest, IT IS NOT REWARDING! It is MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, SPIRITUALLY, & EMOTIONALLY EXHAUSTING! What is so rewarding to see in Columbus, Ohio homeless children living in abandoned houses; a woman released from Jackson Pike Correction facility almost naked and it's 20 degrees outside running to the Love Drop-In for food and clothes on Thanksgiving eve? Trench workers have countless stories including those of our veterans in homeless camps. People die in abandoned houses & morgues filled to capacity. As a nurse in the trenches I stay within my scopes of practice. I need to react to public health hazards and my care plan is 1.5 pages. It is simple and cost effective. It does not call for the duplication of services but for the utilization of the system to come and serve where the need is via the LOVE DEPOT. A base where trench workers who are indigenous leaders work with victims, survivors, health and public officials to eradicate the opiate addiction and human trafficking epidemic. A place that Thanksgiving is an expression of gratitude on behalf of those who serve and are being served. A place where every day the golden rule is the ABSOLUTE rule.
The golden rule was practiced by the Native Americans that is the real story about Thanksgiving. They saved the Pilgrims. They clothed, fed and healed those that were sick through compassion. They shared their goods and had no money. They did not charge the British for their services. In return what did they received from the British? Nowadays, Native Americans live in reservation camps almost extinct and their America has been taken over by foreigners. Indigenous leaders acknowledge human beings have TWO primordial emotions that drive their behaviors. Do you know what they are? LOVE and FEAR. Corrupt leaders exist in all systems and have an opiate called money. They use FEAR as a weapon to victimize people. Compassionate people are driven by LOVE. They know the power of the tribe! Their opiate is Love which releases the neural transmitter DOPAMINE that make them feel good and those they serve. My abroad experiences continue to mold me and I choose to live by the comrade code love God first and then EVERYBODY. I have no fear to walk and drive in the alleys and streets and walk into the homeless camps that the cops fear. I only have my 66 magnum in my heart, taser and pepper spray and a few two legged angels and invisible angelic beings protecting me and the comrades.
Vanessa Brown, Board Member and Steve Fletcher
This week three special men came to 1divineline2health rescue. Steve Fletcher, trench workers, CEO of Matthew 25:35 donated a small lot on the Hilltop to the organization after I told him my dream. I will need capital to build. It will be a piece of heaven on earth where butterflies gather. Steve has an amazing story he has been sober for a while. His wife, Lana is long suffering as they struggle with their son who is battling addiction. Love can heal families and teaches resilience to the hurting.
Craig & Rich
Turkey Kits
This Thanksgiving two gym buddies, Rich and Craig decided to select 1DIVINELINE2HEALTH as their public charity than the popular ones. I knew of several lovely street sisters that had children and no money for the meal. They broke a record being in the Love Drop-In center for two hours. I had the opportunity to see where they live. They were astonished when I told them it was two married men who prepared the Turkey Kits. They were grateful even the girls that had no family would be spending Thanksgiving day with other sisters. My Lovely Street Sisters taught me Love is transformational. Truly it can change people's behaviors even if it is for a night and day they stopped tricking and tripping in the power of LOVE. The turkey kits prepared was tangible love for the Lovely Street Sisters. Thanksgiving is the expression of an attitude of gratitude. The butterfly effect from these two gentlemen who are my gym buddies and the meals cooked by the volunteers at the Love Drop-In Centers transformed the Street Sisters this Thanksgiving. They cried after receiving the turkey kit and they ended the night expressing their Thanksgiving prayer when they said "Thank you and I love you!"  I conclude this blog with my LOVELY STREET SISTERS prayer to you and your family on behalf of the trench workers in this charitable season THANK YOU and WE LOVE YOU!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Ukraine's Uncrippling Love

Agape Love tears downs walls of poverty, racism, terrorism, sexism, and oppression. Love is war against evil and always win. In the last four years Ukraine the land of blue skies and yellow wheat fields has lost thousands of young soldiers fighting to be free from Russia's oppression. Even though this war has been contained on the East Side the crippling effects is seen throughout the country. Ukraine is the 2nd poorest country in Europe. The death of a soldier who is a parent results in a single parent. Many single parents can't afford to raise their children. The last alternative is to give them up to orphanages or boarding schools. Orphanages and boarding schools are synonymous here. Similarly to the states after 18 yrs of age most are discharged and not having a job or a place to go to become prey to crime life. Poverty is tied more to alcoholism secondly to cocaine use.
Many orphanages have children with fetal alcohol syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome and serious genetic disorders rarely seen in the states. My heart was hurting to see these precious human beings longing to be loved and lacking basic necessities and living in buildings needing renovations. Healthy touch is important and therapeutic. To pick up a special needs child who touches my face and leans towards me is a green light to be a mother figure. The soft cooing is my cue to kiss, hug, and pray over this delicate flower. Momentarily in my arms and chest this child is lovingly secure. Many times I feel 1divineline2health is a special needs child with a victorious limp by the miracles experienced in its tender age. It is crippled by the lack of resources or the abundance of blessings not able to leave my house.  Along the way someone serves by a one time donation and leaves knowing it is in the hands of a safe person. This mission trip is about scouting sites to continuously serve and meeting people who want to lovingly serve. Every institution both private and public have a few loving angels who relentlessly serve in their mega task. Monasteries, nunneries, and churches have been converted into boarding schools. Parishioners voluntarily take care of the children and adults and yet live in poverty. Lacking finances yet everyday their staple food of bread and potatoes is served. Higher functioning children and adults learn farming and other survival trades to lovingly provide for their peers. Meals are eaten in family style. Everyone eats organic food and live  longer. Being here I realized to be "perfect" is not having 4 limbs and being flawlessly pretty and muscular. I have met a lot perfect people labeled by society as disabled yet able to do amazing things. They can't speak but provide them with art and craft supplies and see them advocate in their masterpieces. They are punctual. They work in the fields, raise chicken, milk cows and become a big brother and sister in their living quarters. They share their clean shoes with holes and torn shirts. As I walk in these institutions these "abnormal" people genuinely love. Love is powerful and a safe community. I can call this place my home. There are no "heroic" measures like g-tubes just baby bottles. There is no ensure/pediasure just milk and sometimes vitamins. Caretakers become parents to children and adults. They are magnificent in what they do. They are the loving heroes and miracle workers.
Nunnery becomes
a boys orphanage
An interesting fact here denominations have become solution driven to help special needs population, orphans and widows. The Baptist, Catholic and Pentecostal churches are building nursing homes and orphanages and hire their own parishioners or volunteers to run them. In the last few years, the Ukrainian community in these same denominations in Cleveland, Ohio collaborate to bring basic necessities to their homeland. They are tearing down denominational walls. I am Ukrainian by their standards.. Our humanitarian efforts make us one body, spirit, mind, and soul.  Fueled by God's perfect love it cast out all types of fear and allow us to be the world changers. We go to the heated frontlines and places that someone in his/her right mind don't want to go. Bogdana and Irena are non medical yet I am amazed to see the items brought here thus far! I am hyped to go to work with their contacts when I return to the states. Right now unless this war ends containers are detained on the East side.

Both Russian President Putin and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko need to form a peace treaty. President Putin's net worth is $200 billion. He needs to show some reciprocity by renovating the orphanages and hospitals here. Add to those tasks rebuild the airport in East Ukraine and keep the water ways free so humanitarian efforts like ours can save innocent lives.  We are willing to help them as well. The biggest fear of Ukrainians is reliving the horrible history with the Russians. I have a different view now about President Parliamentary government systems AKA DICTATORSHIP.
The American equipment here is useful our Ukrainian MacGyvers change cords and create converters. Check out this photo of an x-ray lamp as Bogdana holds open the converter and it perfectly works. There are no words and photos to explain what I have seen and experienced in my service here in Ukraine and the other developing countries. A few days of solidarity when I return home helps me process these experiences. God converts my discomforts to fuel in a strange way. God is my unlimited source of power who sends me winks through strangers and kindred spirits who genuinely serve with love. Just like the anonymous donor and Love Warrior of $5000 a few days ago. An IV pump for a village hospital and medical supplies to a clinic will be bought and the remaining monies will go towards the next container. Ukrainian Love Warriors service show us Love is generous and miraculous. An ancient prophet gave a lesson to some spiritual leaders in a banquet. He said "invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.” God has a way to use 2 legged angels from all ages to bless others. Their place of gathering become the banquet halls. Miracles happen when basic needs are met. Sometimes these two legged people do crazy things like the Ukrainian Joseph who sold his house to build a rehab center. Now it has become a state of the art facility. The personal seed has brought international connections. He met Carrie, a physical therapist from Tulsa Oklahoma who comes here with Joni Eareckson Tada ministry, Joni and Friends for a few weeks to serve people who are physically challenged.  Joni is a quadriplegic, painter, singer, author, wife, teacher, and advocate for people with disabilities. Carrie came back and has been serving in villages and runs the Physical Therapy dept at Agape Place, the only Christ center care rehab facility in Ukraine. Joseph and Carrie's story is inspiring. Many conversations with ministering angels motivate me and help me understand I was chosen to live this arduos journey. Our paths cross and create a butterfly effect whereby people around the world are experiencing joy through tangible love and service. These Love Warriors form a universal net of God's love as we come together to serve. The people caught in this net are forever transformed and blessed.

I struggle knowing that in Columbus, Ohio and in America there are landfills with perfectly new and good medical supplies. Nationwide Children's Hospital did away with the mission department. Each department is now responsible to find a mission to support. I have a lot of work when I return to the states it just takes one person in each department to be a store house of blessings and do the sorting before I pick them up. The supply list is basic yet life saving. Every hospital and clinic abroad ask for the same items. As I type this blog I feel like Richard Wurmbrand author of Tortured for Christ when he said in the first chapter "This book is written not so much with ink, as with the blood of bleeding hearts." How many heart attacks could have been avoided if the most basic supplies could be brought to developing countries?  This 4 yr war in Ukraine has produced massive casualties. There are many orphans, young disabled soldiers with addictions, both public and private hospitals have no funds for hiring staff and repairs. I have met both doctors and nurses using their own monies to keep these buildings from collapsing and purchasing supplies to treat patients. People running the orphanages using their own monies to buy clothes and food for the kids. Rich and poor churches come along by sharing responsibilities to make their own nursing homes and orphanages and have parishioners serving in them. No matter how poor the people are they greet us with a smile and bless us with food. Any community that protects their young and wise with special needs are blessed. An ancient book states "Pure and faultless religion is to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

In the center of LVIV, the city closest to us the Jesuit Church is located in the center and under renovations. There is a memorial to your left and photos of the fallen heroes both women and men who have died in this war.  It brought to memory the military hospital visit. There were young soldiers depressed w/missing limbs wondering how will they be able to work? Lack of government funds administration work with nonprofits internationally to meet their basic needs. The kernel physician, reported families financially support their soldiers. The day before, 4hrs away we met another kernel who is a loving and fearless general surgeon. He serves both in the village hospital and frontlines. I was shocked to learn about medic not having gauzes, anesthetics, and supplies for the wounded. He asked for supplies and surgical instruments to be shared with the hospital and the frontlines and shows me his basic and rusted instruments. This  trained general surgeon with the heart of gold spend his own money on building renovations. He is truly a Love Warrior in Ukraine, Lyubov Voyina. I will call him Dr. Voyin to protect his identity. He asked a photo of me wearing his Beret and with Irena, my Ukranian Angel who lives in Columbus. I empathize with  Dr. Voyin and the other Love Warriors here.
Love is long suffering. Dr. Voyin said prayer and studying the Bible gives him the strength to continue to serve soldiers and their families. His favorite photo is on the desktop with the host of the village who is a pastor, 2 soldiers and an orthodox priest on the frontlines. This priest was captured three times by Russian soldiers to be executed and is still alive serving on the frontlines.
It takes much prayer and research to learn about the people you serve. The host family in Ukraine are loving; it will be painfully difficult to say good bye. They risk their lives to show us the truth. We have formed solid relationships following the Love warrior code which is to Love God first and then Everybody. I hope to return with Bogdana and Irena when the container gets here.

Saint Francis Xavier
With all the work being done here I find pleasure in studying the lives of saints and mesmerized walking through the monastery and nunnery converted to orphanages for special needs children. I feel like a nun and this is not the Sister Act movie. I have thought about it and read the requirement of a nunnery in the states and with a social personality I will be excommunicated within the week. Mother Theresa is my icon but now I have added St. Ignatius of Loyola founder and cofounder St. Francis Xavier of the Jesuit Society. Ignatius said "Go forth and set the world on fire!" I intend to be a wild fire with God's love in my service even if it means losing my life! Unless you experience this type of Love it is fearless and relentless. This love is shared among true Love Warriors and great things happen whenever we meet across the world. Opposition makes this fire burn hotter than hell's flames. Ignatius said "Act as if everything depended on you; and trust as if everything depended in God." Only a few mortals can truly trust God despite the odds against them and become world changers. Even Mother Theresa said "Do not wait for leaders: do it alone, person to person." Love Warriors are ordinary loving people doing extraordinary things. They are the DAILY unrecognized super heroes outside the church walls servicing people with Agape Love in schools, hospitals, fire departments, orphanages, battlegrounds, nursing homes, and other places advocating for defenseless people. We all serve a God bigger than our impossibilities. He makes the impossible happen in our lives to show His rewards on earth and not only in heaven.

Thank you for reading this blog. Love cripples evil in Ukraine and everywhere else. I challenge you not only pray but support Love Warriors. Many times they are misunderstood and please don't wait until they die to support their cause. Their service is relentless and tenacious.  They save lives they love well. In Agape Love people who hurt find security, hope and faith. Their service is a blessing even if it is removing tattoos of human trafficking survivors like the founder of Survivors Ink, Jennifer Kempton. May you rest in peace, beautiful Love Warrior. St. Francis Xavier said it best. "There is no better rest in this restless world than to face imminent peril of death solely for the love and service of God our Lord."

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Love Crosses Over

Sending Love from the Red Earth
Nancy Garver Prayer Warrior
Love is a conquest. Here in Ghana, Africa it is both challenging and rewarding to walk in villages that desperately lack the basic medical and survival needs. People still give you a smile while others call you Oboroni (White Person) and in the states I am a Bibini (Black Person). The Love of God compels me to move forward in the upcoming year and not focus on the hard times. I am a firm believer the best is yet to come for 1DivineLine2Health and partners. It is the last day of 2016 and reflecting on all the challenges in the mission field and at home I am stronger, wiser and persistent and God's divine protection kept me safe. It was not easy, a lot of sweat, pain with mostly victories. The positive has been more than the negative. Blessed to have new friends and family members. The Gilgal Coordinators and Jennifer the Marketing Development Director are God sent in helping to share the work load. Nancy Garver, who I call the Nuclear Weapon is a prayer warrior and the others like her have been instrumental in this Faith walk. They have earned their badges for their suffering endured and standing in the gap for the remnant who serve where no one likes to serve. Breaking grounds is never easy. I am getting ready for a 12 hr drive to a village with a local missionary and crew to reach out to a nomad Muslim community.

Heart of God
God has surrounded me with a core of lovely people in all the places traveled that makes the task easier to achieve. I call them the ministering angels. God's Love is selfless & sacrificial and human love is naturally selfish. I heard a pastor say death and life go together in Christ. Basically you die to self in order to love like Jesus. The Golden Rule is to Love God first and Love everybody. The children listen and are amused when I play with them charades and demonstrate  love by kissing a boy on a cheek and lightly pinching or punching someone as examples of no love. They understand when it is time for them to answer they collectively give me the response when I point to the cross. I still can't understand why adults can't practice it? Greed is so prevalent here. I was shocked to see a pastor preach a bogus sermon out of context from Exodus and people showered him with money. Same preacher receives money from American churches and doesn't forward it to the designated missionaries and pastors. My friends this is happening here and in other places I have traveled. Imagine you are teaching the golden rule in the communities and the first thing people do is volunteer their frustrations about the church's pastor. I get it unfortunately this also happens in nonprofits. Even if you try to talk to the pastor he denies and pouts to mission headquarters and is enabled to continue the work without counseling.

The biggest challenge when you work with organizations that want to take your supplies abroad is selling them. It hurts when you see the items being sold in front of you. This is the reason I challenge every organization to do their due diligence. What I have experienced is an unbelievable adventure this year. See for yourself in these photos. Thank God I was able to retrieve most of the medical supplies that was sent here. There were a few boxes missing and there was no purpose for the supplies where they were discovered. I am sure they would have been auctioned. Thank God for the ministering angels and officials that agreed to help. They realized the original documents were falsified. 
As a Love warrior, I need to "take the helmet of salvation and the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God." Sometimes people don't understand the labor it takes to establish the connections with the donating organizations and institutions. It takes mental, physical, research and spiritual discipline. It is a collaborative effort that makes this mission a blessing. Another year the organization operated from my basement. The supplies reached Guatemala and Africa twice, met the needs of local organizations and other states. We have now three new major suppliers aside from Nationwide Children Hospital. Riverside Methodist Hospital OR team, Unisource and Helping Hands have joined in the donations of medical and other types of supplies. The most enjoyable part of this organization is the power of Love demonstrated by the children, volunteers and others outside the 4 walls of the church to those in need locally and internationally. I pray the Love Depot will be purchased or donated in 2017. 
We need partners and new board members to help fund the Love Depot, orphanages, water projects, and toilets in schools to decrease urinary tract infections in girls. There are villages that need schools built that can be fully endorsed by 1DivineLine2Health. How sad to see mission schools underserved because their teachers salaries have been diverted by the local mission organization. The mission of 1divineline2health is local and global we only endorse organization that live by the Love Warrior's code of honor; "Love God first and love thy neighbor as thyself."
A few weeks ago Wanda and I entered the Love Depot. It was a wow experienced. There were a few miracles that day that reassured me that building is the love terminal to save people locally and in many other countries.

Another miracle for 1DivineLine2Health is the Gilgal house that helps rehabilitate women who are survivors of human trafficking it was donated by a kind man. The organization has the Love mobile perfect to transport girls to detox centers when we are ministering to them. The Love mobile is used to pick up the medical and other supplies to sort and distribute them. All of these are victories of 2016.

I thank all the donors, volunteers, children, teens, prayer warriors, TBN team,
organizations, institutions, Rhemanites, and family for supporting the vision of 1DivineLine2Health. Missionaries please don't give up the call God has placed in your hands. Suffering leads to God's glory in you. You become His-Story of Grace and love on earth. Love until it hurts but set boundaries. Advocate for the disenfranchised.  My sincere prayer is for everyone to leave your regrets in the past. Join me in another Love Journey in 2017. Let us cross over to the new year by choosing to Love others by helping them experience hope and faith through your actions. Spend sometime with a stranger in a soup kitchen or support a project abroad next year. Be the Love that heals the young and wise. If you would like to be a part of 1DivineLine2Health in 2017 send me an email  at or give me a call 614-313-0544. Have a Joyful & Blessed New Year! Remember the only remedy to Heal the Sick & Heal the World is Agape Love.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Church & Human Trafficking

Agape Love uncovers truth and it brings DISCOMFORT. The question I pose to ALL church denominations, synagogues, mosques and even the bedside Baptists (non church goers) is how are you addressing the issue of Modern Day Slavery AKA Human Trafficking? I simply define it as an assault on God's most precious creation the man and woman. According to a Law dictionary there are different types of assaults. In common law it is defined as "an intentional act by one person that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact"  Before I go on PLEASE don't judge me for being anti-church b/c I am not! I am a MISFIT for the gospel being preached in the churches of America. Can't listen to it any longer. I prefer to travel the world and love people as a nurse missionary. The Church needs to get out of the pews and do something now about modern day slavery. Like my 9 yo buddy on my left who enjoyed the Gospel message while eating some mangos. He doesn't go to school but meets a misfit like me and we chill in the national hospital in el Peten Guatemala. He laughs and listens attentively as I Go-spell love to him with a cross around my neck and receives a bracelet after teaching him some really cool hand shakes. Ask him about the golden rule? He knows it now and that is the Go-spell love in action approach to a 9 yo. He makes a living for his family by selling the local newspaper.  Is that genuine love for his family?
 So let us define Human Trafficking according to Homeland Security it is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. What are examples? Pornography, child labor, legal and illegal brothels, paying undocumented workers less than the minimum wage, prostitution, harvesting of human organs, and human mules who carry in their bodies drugs and weapons. My simple definition of human trafficking is an assault to God's most precious creation the woman and the man. It is dehumanizing. It is cruelty. According to Congressman, J. Randy Forbes. There are more than 37 million people caught in the web of human trafficking it generates over $150 billion in illegal profit yearly internationally and $32 billions of it is generated in  the United States. Do you know there were 6 millions lives lost in the Holocaust, 12.5 million in the Trans-Atlantic slaves brought to the Americas and Caribbean and don't forget the Jews who were enslaved in Egypt it all doesn't add up to amount of people caught in this dark world of human trafficking today.
I have a 2nd question to the "modern" church where are the William Wilberforce, Deitrich Bonhoeffers, Corrie Ten Boom, Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Jose Julian Acostas, Sarah Moore Grimke and others? They were all world changers with a passion to see slaves FREE. Some were martyrs not only by their speeches against slavery but they were a part of the solution which threatened the financial gains of the slave owners. All of the abolitionists I have followed loved Jesus and lived His example. Let us look at Mother Moses, (Harriet Tubman) she knew how to use a revolver, suffered from epileptic seizures after her owner hit on her head, and betrayed by her husband who married  someone else during one of her journeys to freedom. She led many to freedom from the east coast to Canada and other states via the underground railroad. She freed her parents and purchased peoples' freedom. Courageously and truly amazing was Harriet Tubman. Similarly, Corrie Ten Boom's Family hid 100s of Jews in their house by creating a secret place.
Unfortunately, the Nazis found out and Corrie and her family were taken to Ravensbrück concentration camp. In reading the Hiding Place Corrie's story was a collision course with forgiveness, grace, love and mercy. She lost her sister and father in that horrific camp. After years had passed after a speaking arrangement Corrie met the German soldier  who sentenced her sister to death. He asked her one question. Can you forgive me? WHAT? Wow, the perpetrator asks a victim for forgiveness!! Corrie's humanity was replayed in the memories of her sister and the suffering in the barracks. They shared the Gospel. Corrie and Betsie managed to sneak in a small Bible in her bra. Her ultimate test was to Go-spell love to the man, who had killed her sister and many she befriended was before her. She passed with an A when she forgave him and shook his hand. Truly an abolitionist with Love in Action!
I had a similar experience a few days ago with someone who I loved once more than God who I forgave a long time ago. Betrayal hurts. Broken people attract broken people. Toxic relationships sometimes have byproducts and they are good and innocent. I realized I no longer was bitter but better I chose to focus on the good qualities and help by extending my hand as a gesture of LOVE. A life with true Love is purposeful. Your hurtful past can be a stepping stone to someone's healing. I realize as I get ready to participate much more in this world of human trafficking as a solution to this problem I am holding on to teachings of the greatest humanitarian. He was sold for 30 shekels and both a victim and survivor of human trafficking, Jesus Christ. He had righteous anger. So don't judge me! Please Love me for writing and speaking the truth. I could write about how the American money of churches funds human trafficking. I was counseled not to. Churches do your due diligence! You are becoming a part of the Great Omission of the Gospel. Pray so God can lead you to organizations that genuinely express love and use the funds to help those in need through self-sustainability..
In conclusion, the church has become homogenized with holey (not holy) people who don't care for the broken and don't know the staggering human trafficking numbers. The church unknowingly has become an ASSAULT to the slaves of the  kingdom of darkness. They are labeled as misfits of their gospel. These are the orphans, physically and mentally challenged, streetwalkers, divorced, transgender, runaways, bisexuals, gay, rapist, pimp, adulterer, all addicts and nonreligious looking people. They don't invest in ministries that keep them out of their church. Yet they keep building churches that intimidate the misfits instead of rehabilitating them with LOVE. We are in the last days. Violence is on the increase. Just two days ago Ohio State University was attacked by a young man who was confused about his religious beliefs. He acted out and harmed people and lost his life trying to prove his point. Where are the brave people who can teach the real Go-spell Love approach to those who teach the go-spell hatred in schools and throughout the world. Here is the saddest thing I need to bring to your attention, the place of origin of world religions practice both the golden rule and modern day slavery. Look for yourself the golden rule in:

Buddhism "Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful" Udanavarga 5:18

Confucianism “Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you" Analects 15:23

Hinduism "This is the sume of duty; do naught onto others what you would not have them do unto you."

Islam: No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself. Sunnah

Judaism: What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellowman, This is the entire Law; all the rest is commentary. Talmud, Shabbat 3id

Christianity: "A new command I give you Love one another as I have loved you so you must love one another." John 13:34

So the bottom line there is no supreme race or gender or political view. All LIVES matter! All need LOVE! We are all part of the human race created with a FREE will. You have the power to set people free by expressing Love. Be a World Changer Go live to express Love! See Love annihilate evil from your own home, workplace, school, phone, Facebook and even in the church and see the world become a better place for you and me! Agape Rules and has the power to end human trafficking if you show it like the Girl Scouts of Powell and their leader Cheryl and all the volunteers from Central Ohio who joined to furnished the Gilgal house! Love unites people to demonstrate their thanks by giving hope who hasn't experience the agape love. If they believe it then a miracle has taken place. As a result, LOVE creates a chain reaction that they choose to pay it forward. Now my friend that's the type of LOVE currency that frees the human trafficking slaves.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Love Letter Hits the AIRWAYS

Love is the most powerful remedy to bring healing to the hurting. 15 years ago the world experienced one of the most tragic acts of terrorism in the money exchange capital of the world in lower Manhattan, New York City. Liberty island where the Statue of Liberty stands an icon of freedom remained untouched. We also know lives were lost at the Pentagon and the braves souls who fought the hijackers crashed the plane in a field in Pennsylvania to prevent another tragedy on US soil. The good thing about not having a TV is not watching the towers coming down. However my head replayed the vivid scenes. I was in the break room of the operating room when the 1st tower went down. I was afraid and thought I lost my brother, a fireman paramedic to the terrorists. The phones were jam. It was close to midnight I found out my brother was off and called for duty and by the time he got to the scene both towers were down. There were over 3000 lives lost. The after effect on victims relatives, survivors, rescuers and many others are serious. Many suffering from depression, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, phobias and other mental illnesses not excluding the physical and terminal illnesses caused by the inhalation of asbestos and other chemicals. The Victim Compensation Funds attaches a monetary value to the illnesses. The World Trade Center was destroyed by extremists who proved nothing else that America would stand against evil and come together in Love to help those who were effected by this hatred crime. Since then there is one state of the art building representing unity and Love occupying the site of the historic Twin Towers. Love came through that day and New Yorkers are much more friendlier and the city much safer. I will agree with Mother Theresa on the airways "We do not need guns and bombs to bring peace, we need love and compassion."

Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Love Lesson from the Red Earth

teaching the Golden Rule
& giving away cross necklaces at
an orphanage
In the midst of challenges in breaking grounds to bring medical and other supplies to the red earth; I have found Faith, Hope & Love in harmony. Here in the midst of poverty, death, sickness & hunger there are Christians and Muslims living in close quarters. As a love warrior & scholar I have derived some conclusions from the developing countries I have served thus far. Love gives, does, and blesses the natural and spiritual laws. On the other hand, lust takes and violates the natural and spiritual laws. I was sadden by the news a few weeks ago of what took place in the gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Something is wrong in America. Let us be aware in the midst of human cruelty and grieving let us hold on to true love that's pure. I have gay friends and we love one another. They know my stand on homosexuality and I am not homophobic or a bigot. I am so FED UP when the fundamentalists of the most popular religious groups in Christianity, Islam and Judaism promote violence to promote their spiritual agenda and segregation. I am a realist. Look at the acts of terrorism in America lately. The Quran promotes this violence! Jihad's goal is to eradicate the infidels (anyone who is not a Muslim). Women can be beaten and men can marry prepubescent girls and have multiple wives. Muslims who are the mass killers of the infidels and killed on the line of duty are called martyrs. Unfortunately, the media glamorized their story unknowingly they are promoting Islam and motivating jihadists to become martyrs. America needs to be awaken. Let us promote peace, love and acts of kindness in the air waves. True heroes are silent and annihilate violence through their love expressions. Imagine pure love for one day to be promoted in songs, TV programs, education system, religious groups, news, and social media. What type of effect it will bring to our communities? HOLY CRAZY! LOVE would cure evil for one day!
Courage & his cross
According to the Quran martyrs and their loved ones make it faster to heaven. I read several chapters of the Quran it was filled with so many half truths that I closed the book. Let me inform the world. Mohammed was a violent and dangerous man. He had many wives and the youngest was Aisha a 9 year old.  Mohammed's god was not at all the God of Abraham. Under the new covenant, the old law is comprised by grace and love it is beautifully wrapped in the royal law. I teach the golden rule under a minute to children and adults take a little longer. The royal law is symbolized by the cross I wear around my neck. Vertically it represents to LOVE GOD first and horizontally it represents to LOVE EVERYBODY. Unlike the Bible, the Quran was written approximately 1300 yrs ago. Jesus existed before Mohammed and they were not all hangout buddies. The Bible continues to be the #1 best seller and the most popular translated book throughout the world. Please don't promote any religious groups if you are not aware of its teachings. There are Muslims who don't practice the violence in the Quran and I pray that they become enlightened by other teachings which the Quran prohibits.
our shadow at an orphanage
The martyrs I look up to were peacemakers, meek and powerful and their precious blood was an outcry of AGAPE LOVE. The greatest social activist of humanity was not smoking hallucinogens, looting, married, and picked up a sword to promote the golden rule. He was courageous and was hung unrecognizable for the tortured He endured and died as a criminal even though He was innocent. He was a victim and survivor of human trafficking. A man of many sorrows and grief who purely loved ALL people. This compassionate social butterfly was inviting. He didn't judge people at all, the depressed, leper, prostitute, alcoholic, sick, possessed, mother, centurion, tax collector, thief, any social outcast & elite were attracted to Him. Their lives were forever transformed. Once you hung out with Him you experienced the healing power of love. Love is freedom! People loved Him. The religious leaders ridiculed Him. They called him a party animal and drunk. Imagine Him at a party. He becomes the life of the party. Not at all socially inept! The greatest message of love on the cross was when He prayed for the forgiveness of His killers. This man from humble upbringings is the social activist, I worship, and continue to live His lifestyle as much as possible and willing to die for. His name is JESUS. Love was the power that resurrected Him and gives us hope and faith in this world. There were over 500 eyewitnesses that hung out with Him. Revolutionary Love. Along with His Love He introduced the new concept of grace.
As I get ready to return to Central Ohio I take with me some valuable lessons from the Red Earth. The REAL church has no walls no color, age, and gender. Church is the gathering of people who live by Agape love and express it many forms locally and globally. I have formed some solid relationships with Baptists and Roman Catholics because we love unconditionally. They are active in the schools, hospitals, orphanages, and villages to express Agape Love. In the midst of grief Love has a healing effect & I experienced it. It was like the birth of the baby girl I saw born two days ago. I would not have met my covenant brother, Harrison if he had not lost his two relatives. In the Godspeed moments we have laughed, cried, & celebrated the miraculous works of Love in and out of the medical field. Harrison will be a loving and great doctor. I was honored and blessed to participate in the memorial services one in a courtyard and the other on a farm.
The God I love is Triune which means He is a community. I pray that there will be more laborers to assist in this mission to spread Agape Love as a pandemic. The warehouse/Love Depot that is so desperately needed for 1divineline2health and its affiliates is a storehouse of blessings for central Ohio, the US and the world. PLEASE join me love does. Love builds chains and connect hearts like yours as totem poles that point towards the Creator of the heavens. The warehouse will be a safe zone to introduce people to a harmonious community founded on Faith, Hope and Love. Let us connect! Would you like to become a Love warrior? One requisite is needed and by now you should know it LOL:)!
Sister Mary a clone of Mother Theresa
& Mother Angelica
By practicing the Golden Rule you are equipped to become a world leader by joining us in the Love Revolution. "Love God and Love Everybody!" I hear the children shouting this message loud and clear. If there isn't anyone else I will do it myself like my precious icon, Mother Theresa said " Do not wait for leaders, do it alone person to person." 
Let us set aside our differences. Let us define love through our actions. There are genuine people in central Ohio and everywhere that care. Let us join hands and hearts to STOP the violence, hatred & all human atrocities in our community, nation and world. It's like one of my favorite songs in the 1990s by Haddaway What is love, it was simple and ridiculous. "What is love? Baby, Don't Hurt Me, Don't Hurt Me, No More."  It's a song about a guy who loves a woman who confuses him b/c he tries to please her and she doesn't care. Sometimes we may feel this way in our relationships. We all have a conscience. We can do something to stop first hurting ourselves and others. The remedy is Agape Love it starts first with you and God and spreads as a pandemic to others. Love Heals the Sick and the World. Join me and see love chains change the world! Agape Love from the Red Earth.