Sunday, January 1, 2017

Love Crosses Over

Sending Love from the Red Earth
Nancy Garver Prayer Warrior
Love is a conquest. Here in Ghana, Africa it is both challenging and rewarding to walk in villages that desperately lack the basic medical and survival needs. People still give you a smile while others call you Oboroni (White Person) and in the states I am a Bibini (Black Person). The Love of God compels me to move forward in the upcoming year and not focus on the hard times. I am a firm believer the best is yet to come for 1DivineLine2Health and partners. It is the last day of 2016 and reflecting on all the challenges in the mission field and at home I am stronger, wiser and persistent and God's divine protection kept me safe. It was not easy, a lot of sweat, pain with mostly victories. The positive has been more than the negative. Blessed to have new friends and family members. The Gilgal Coordinators and Jennifer the Marketing Development Director are God sent in helping to share the work load. Nancy Garver, who I call the Nuclear Weapon is a prayer warrior and the others like her have been instrumental in this Faith walk. They have earned their badges for their suffering endured and standing in the gap for the remnant who serve where no one likes to serve. Breaking grounds is never easy. I am getting ready for a 12 hr drive to a village with a local missionary and crew to reach out to a nomad Muslim community.

Heart of God
God has surrounded me with a core of lovely people in all the places traveled that makes the task easier to achieve. I call them the ministering angels. God's Love is selfless & sacrificial and human love is naturally selfish. I heard a pastor say death and life go together in Christ. Basically you die to self in order to love like Jesus. The Golden Rule is to Love God first and Love everybody. The children listen and are amused when I play with them charades and demonstrate  love by kissing a boy on a cheek and lightly pinching or punching someone as examples of no love. They understand when it is time for them to answer they collectively give me the response when I point to the cross. I still can't understand why adults can't practice it? Greed is so prevalent here. I was shocked to see a pastor preach a bogus sermon out of context from Exodus and people showered him with money. Same preacher receives money from American churches and doesn't forward it to the designated missionaries and pastors. My friends this is happening here and in other places I have traveled. Imagine you are teaching the golden rule in the communities and the first thing people do is volunteer their frustrations about the church's pastor. I get it unfortunately this also happens in nonprofits. Even if you try to talk to the pastor he denies and pouts to mission headquarters and is enabled to continue the work without counseling.

The biggest challenge when you work with organizations that want to take your supplies abroad is selling them. It hurts when you see the items being sold in front of you. This is the reason I challenge every organization to do their due diligence. What I have experienced is an unbelievable adventure this year. See for yourself in these photos. Thank God I was able to retrieve most of the medical supplies that was sent here. There were a few boxes missing and there was no purpose for the supplies where they were discovered. I am sure they would have been auctioned. Thank God for the ministering angels and officials that agreed to help. They realized the original documents were falsified. 
As a Love warrior, I need to "take the helmet of salvation and the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God." Sometimes people don't understand the labor it takes to establish the connections with the donating organizations and institutions. It takes mental, physical, research and spiritual discipline. It is a collaborative effort that makes this mission a blessing. Another year the organization operated from my basement. The supplies reached Guatemala and Africa twice, met the needs of local organizations and other states. We have now three new major suppliers aside from Nationwide Children Hospital. Riverside Methodist Hospital OR team, Unisource and Helping Hands have joined in the donations of medical and other types of supplies. The most enjoyable part of this organization is the power of Love demonstrated by the children, volunteers and others outside the 4 walls of the church to those in need locally and internationally. I pray the Love Depot will be purchased or donated in 2017. 
We need partners and new board members to help fund the Love Depot, orphanages, water projects, and toilets in schools to decrease urinary tract infections in girls. There are villages that need schools built that can be fully endorsed by 1DivineLine2Health. How sad to see mission schools underserved because their teachers salaries have been diverted by the local mission organization. The mission of 1divineline2health is local and global we only endorse organization that live by the Love Warrior's code of honor; "Love God first and love thy neighbor as thyself."
A few weeks ago Wanda and I entered the Love Depot. It was a wow experienced. There were a few miracles that day that reassured me that building is the love terminal to save people locally and in many other countries.

Another miracle for 1DivineLine2Health is the Gilgal house that helps rehabilitate women who are survivors of human trafficking it was donated by a kind man. The organization has the Love mobile perfect to transport girls to detox centers when we are ministering to them. The Love mobile is used to pick up the medical and other supplies to sort and distribute them. All of these are victories of 2016.

I thank all the donors, volunteers, children, teens, prayer warriors, TBN team,
organizations, institutions, Rhemanites, and family for supporting the vision of 1DivineLine2Health. Missionaries please don't give up the call God has placed in your hands. Suffering leads to God's glory in you. You become His-Story of Grace and love on earth. Love until it hurts but set boundaries. Advocate for the disenfranchised.  My sincere prayer is for everyone to leave your regrets in the past. Join me in another Love Journey in 2017. Let us cross over to the new year by choosing to Love others by helping them experience hope and faith through your actions. Spend sometime with a stranger in a soup kitchen or support a project abroad next year. Be the Love that heals the young and wise. If you would like to be a part of 1DivineLine2Health in 2017 send me an email  at or give me a call 614-313-0544. Have a Joyful & Blessed New Year! Remember the only remedy to Heal the Sick & Heal the World is Agape Love.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Church & Human Trafficking

Agape Love uncovers truth and it brings DISCOMFORT. The question I pose to ALL church denominations, synagogues, mosques and even the bedside Baptists (non church goers) is how are you addressing the issue of Modern Day Slavery AKA Human Trafficking? I simply define it as an assault on God's most precious creation the man and woman. According to a Law dictionary there are different type of assaults. In common law it is defined as "an intentional act by one person that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact"  Before I go on PLEASE don't judge me for being anti-church b/c I am not! I am a MISFIT for the gospel being preached in the churches of America. Can't listen to it any longer. I prefer to travel the world and love people as a nurse missionary. The Church needs to get out of the pews and do something now about modern day slavery. Like my 9 yo buddy on my left who enjoyed the Gospel message while eating some mangos. He doesn't go to school but meets a misfit like me and we chill in the national hospital in el Peten Guatemala. He laughs and listens attentively as I Go-spell love to him with a cross around my neck and receives a bracelet after teaching him some really cool hand shakes. Ask him about the golden rule? He knows it now and that is the Go-spell love in action approach to a 9 yo. He makes a living for his family by selling the local newspaper.  Is that genuine love for his family?
 So let us define Human Trafficking according to Homeland Security it is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. What are examples? Pornography, child labor, legal and illegal brothels, paying undocumented workers less than the minimum wage, prostitution, harvesting of human organs, and human mules who carry in their bodies drugs and weapons. My simple definition of human trafficking is an assault to God's most precious creation the woman and the man. It is dehumanizing. It is cruelty. According to Congressman, J. Randy Forbes. There are more than 37 million people caught in the web of human trafficking it generates over $32 billion in illegal profit yearly globally. Do you know there were 6 millions lives lost in the Holocaust, 12.5 million in the Trans-Atlantic slaves brought to the Americas and Caribbean and don't forget the Jews who were enslaved in Egypt it all doesn't add up to amount of people caught in this dark world of human trafficking today.
I have a 2nd question to the "modern" church where are the William Wilberforce, Deitrich Bonhoeffers, Corrie Ten Boom, Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Jose Julian Acostas, Sarah Moore Grimke and others? They were all world changers with a passion to see slaves FREE. Some were martyrs not only by their speeches against slavery but they were a part of the solution which threatened the financial gains of the slave owners. All of the abolitionists I have followed loved Jesus and lived His example. Let us look at Mother Moses, (Harriet Tubman) she knew how to use a revolver, suffered from epileptic seizures after her owner hit on her head, and betrayed by her husband who married  someone else during one of her journeys to freedom. She led many to freedom from the east coast to Canada and other states via the underground railroad. She freed her parents and purchased peoples' freedom. Courageously and truly amazing was Harriet Tubman. Similarly, Corrie Ten Boom's Family hid 100s of Jews in their house by creating a secret place.
Unfortunately, the Nazis found out and Corrie and her family were taken to Ravensbrück concentration camp. In reading the Hiding Place Corrie's story was a collision course with forgiveness, grace, love and mercy. She lost her sister and father in that horrific camp. After years had passed after a speaking arrangement Corrie met the German soldier  who sentenced her sister to death. He asked her one question. Can you forgive me? WHAT? Wow, the perpetrator asks a victim for forgiveness!! Corrie's humanity was replayed in the memories of her sister and the suffering in the barracks. They shared the Gospel. Corrie and Betsie managed to sneak in a small Bible in her bra. Her ultimate test to Go-spell love to the man, who had killed her sister and many she befriended was before her. She passed with an A when she forgave him and shook his hand. Truly an abolitionist with Love in Action!
I had a similar experience a few days ago with someone who I loved once more than God who I forgave a long time ago. Betrayal hurts. Broken people attract broken people. Toxic relationships sometimes have byproducts and they are good and innocent. I realized I no longer was bitter but better I chose to focus on the good qualities and help by extending my hand as a gesture of LOVE. A life with true Love is purposeful. Your hurtful past can be a stepping stone to someone's healing. I realize as I get ready to participate much more in this world of human trafficking as a solution to this problem I am holding on to teachings of the greatest humanitarian. He was sold for 30 shekels and a survivor of human trafficking, Jesus Christ. He had righteous anger. So don't judge me! Please Love me for writing and speaking the truth. I could write about how the American money of churches is funding human trafficking. I was counseled not to. Churches do your due diligence! You are becoming a part of the Great Omission of the Gospel. Pray so God can lead you to organizations that genuinely express love.
In conclusion, the church has become homogenized with holey (not holy) people who don't care for the broken and don't know the staggering human trafficking numbers. The church unknowingly has become an ASSAULT to the slaves of the  kingdom of darkness. They are labeled as misfits of the their gospel. These are the orphans, physically and mentally challenged, streetwalkers, divorced, transgender, bisexuals, gay, rapist, pimp, adulterer, all addicts and nonreligious looking people. They don't invest in ministries that keep them out of their church. Yet they keep building churches that intimidate the misfits instead of rehabilitating them with LOVE. We are in the last days. Violence is on the increase. Just two days ago Ohio State University was attacked by a young man who was confused about his religious beliefs. He acted out and harmed people and lost his life trying to prove his point. Where are the brave people who can teach the real Go-spell Love approach to those who teach the go-spell hatred in schools and throughout the world. Here is the saddest thing I need to bring to your attention, the place of origin of world religions practice both the golden rule and modern day slavery. Look for yourself the golden rule in:

Buddhism "Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful" Udanavarga 5:18

Confucianism “Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you" Analects 15:23

Hinduism "This is the sume of duty; do naught onto others what you would not have them do unto you."

Islam: No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself. Sunnah

Judaism: What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellowman, This is the entire Law; all the rest is commentary. Talmud, Shabbat 3id

Christianity: "A new command I give you Love one another as I have loved you so you must love one another." John 13:34

So the bottom line there is no supreme race or gender or political view. All LIVES matter! All need LOVE! We are all part of the human race created with a FREE will. You have the power to set people free by expressing Love. Be a World Changer Go live to express Love! See Love annihilate evil from your own home, workplace, school, phone, Facebook and even in the church and see the world become a better place for you and me! Agape Rules and has the power to end human trafficking if you show it like the Girl Scouts of Powell and their leader Cheryl and all the volunteers from Central Ohio who joined to furnished the Gilgal house! Love unites people to demonstrate their thanks by giving hope who hasn't experience the agape love. If they believe it then a miracle has taken place. As a result, LOVE creates a chain reaction that they choose to pay it forward. Now my friend that's the type of LOVE currency that frees the human trafficking slaves.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Love Letter Hits the AIRWAYS

Love is the most powerful remedy to bring healing to the hurting. 15 years ago the world experienced one of the most tragic acts of terrorism in the money exchange capital of the world in lower Manhattan, New York City. Liberty island where the Statue of Liberty stands an icon of freedom remained untouched. We also know lives were lost at the Pentagon and the braves souls who fought the hijackers crashed the plane in a field in Pennsylvania to prevent another tragedy on US soil. The good thing about not having a TV is not watching the towers coming down. However my head replayed the vivid scenes. I was in the break room of the operating room when the 1st tower went down. I was afraid and thought I lost my brother, a fireman paramedic to the terrorists. The phones were jam. It was close to midnight I found out my brother was off and called for duty and by the time he got to the scene both towers were down. There were over 3000 lives lost. The after effect on victims relatives, survivors, rescuers and many others are serious. Many suffering from depression, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, phobias and other mental illnesses not excluding the physical and terminal illnesses caused by the inhalation of asbestos and other chemicals. The Victim Compensation Funds attaches a monetary value to the illnesses. The World Trade Center was destroyed by extremists who proved nothing else that America would stand against evil and come together in Love to help those who were effected by this hatred crime. Since then there is one state of the art building representing unity and Love occupying the site of the historic Twin Towers. Love came through that day and New Yorkers are much more friendlier and the city much safer. I will agree with Mother Theresa on the airways "We do not need guns and bombs to bring peace, we need love and compassion."

Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Love Lesson from the Red Earth

teaching the Golden Rule
& giving away cross necklaces at
an orphanage
In the midst of challenges in breaking grounds to bring medical and other supplies to the red earth; I have found Faith, Hope & Love in harmony. Here in the midst of poverty, death, sickness & hunger there are Christians and Muslims living in close quarters. As a love warrior & scholar I have derived some conclusions from the developing countries I have served thus far. Love gives, does, and blesses the natural and spiritual laws. On the other hand, lust takes and violates the natural and spiritual laws. I was sadden by the news a few weeks ago of what took place in the gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Something is wrong in America. Let us be aware in the midst of human cruelty and grieving let us hold on to true love that's pure. I have gay friends and we love one another. They know my stand on homosexuality and I am not homophobic or a bigot. I am so FED UP when the fundamentalists of the most popular religious groups in Christianity, Islam and Judaism promote violence to promote their spiritual agenda and segregation. I am a realist. Look at the acts of terrorism in America lately. The Quran promotes this violence! Jihad's goal is to eradicate the infidels (anyone who is not a Muslim). Women can be beaten and men can marry prepubescent girls and have multiple wives. Muslims who are the mass killers of the infidels and killed on the line of duty are called martyrs. Unfortunately, the media glamorized their story unknowingly they are promoting Islam and motivating jihadists to become martyrs. America needs to be awaken. Let us promote peace, love and acts of kindness in the air waves. True heroes are silent and annihilate violence through their love expressions. Imagine pure love for one day to be promoted in songs, TV programs, education system, religious groups, news, and social media. What type of effect it will bring to our communities? HOLY CRAZY! LOVE would cure evil for one day!
Courage & his cross
According to the Quran martyrs and their loved ones make it faster to heaven. I read several chapters of the Quran it was filled with so many half truths that I closed the book. Let me inform the world. Mohammed was a violent and dangerous man. He had many wives and the youngest was Aisha a 9 year old.  Mohammed's god was not at all the God of Abraham. Under the new covenant, the old law is comprised by grace and love it is beautifully wrapped in the royal law. I teach the golden rule under a minute to children and adults take a little longer. The royal law is symbolized by the cross I wear around my neck. Vertically it represents to LOVE GOD first and horizontally it represents to LOVE EVERYBODY. Unlike the Bible, the Quran was written approximately 1300 yrs ago. Jesus existed before Mohammed and they were not all hangout buddies. The Bible continues to be the #1 best seller and the most popular translated book throughout the world. Please don't promote any religious groups if you are not aware of its teachings. There are Muslims who don't practice the violence in the Quran and I pray that they become enlightened by other teachings which the Quran prohibits.
our shadow at an orphanage
The martyrs I look up to were peacemakers, meek and powerful and their precious blood was an outcry of AGAPE LOVE. The greatest social activist of humanity was not smoking hallucinogens, looting, married, and picked up a sword to promote the golden rule. He was courageous and was hung unrecognizable for the tortured He endured and died as a criminal even though He was innocent. He was a victim and survivor of human trafficking. A man of many sorrows and grief who purely loved ALL people. This compassionate social butterfly was inviting. He didn't judge people at all, the depressed, leper, prostitute, alcoholic, sick, possessed, mother, centurion, tax collector, thief, any social outcast & elite were attracted to Him. Their lives were forever transformed. Once you hung out with Him you experienced the healing power of love. Love is freedom! People loved Him. The religious leaders ridiculed Him. They called him a party animal and drunk. Imagine Him at a party. He becomes the life of the party. Not at all socially inept! The greatest message of love on the cross was when He prayed for the forgiveness of His killers. This man from humble upbringings is the social activist, I worship, and continue to live His lifestyle as much as possible and willing to die for. His name is JESUS. Love was the power that resurrected Him and gives us hope and faith in this world. There were over 500 eyewitnesses that hung out with Him. Revolutionary Love. Along with His Love He introduced the new concept of grace.
As I get ready to return to Central Ohio I take with me some valuable lessons from the Red Earth. The REAL church has no walls no color, age, and gender. Church is the gathering of people who live by Agape love and express it many forms locally and globally. I have formed some solid relationships with Baptists and Roman Catholics because we love unconditionally. They are active in the schools, hospitals, orphanages, and villages to express Agape Love. In the midst of grief Love has a healing effect & I experienced it. It was like the birth of the baby girl I saw born two days ago. I would not have met my covenant brother, Harrison if he had not lost his two relatives. In the Godspeed moments we have laughed, cried, & celebrated the miraculous works of Love in and out of the medical field. Harrison will be a loving and great doctor. I was honored and blessed to participate in the memorial services one in a courtyard and the other on a farm.
The God I love is Triune which means He is a community. I pray that there will be more laborers to assist in this mission to spread Agape Love as a pandemic. The warehouse/Love Depot that is so desperately needed for 1divineline2health and its affiliates is a storehouse of blessings for central Ohio, the US and the world. PLEASE join me love does. Love builds chains and connect hearts like yours as totem poles that point towards the Creator of the heavens. The warehouse will be a safe zone to introduce people to a harmonious community founded on Faith, Hope and Love. Let us connect! Would you like to become a Love warrior? One requisite is needed and by now you should know it LOL:)!
Sister Mary a clone of Mother Theresa
& Mother Angelica
By practicing the Golden Rule you are equipped to become a world leader by joining us in the Love Revolution. "Love God and Love Everybody!" I hear the children shouting this message loud and clear. If there isn't anyone else I will do it myself like my precious icon, Mother Theresa said " Do not wait for leaders, do it alone person to person." 
Let us set aside our differences. Let us define love through our actions. There are genuine people in central Ohio and everywhere that care. Let us join hands and hearts to STOP the violence, hatred & all human atrocities in our community, nation and world. It's like one of my favorite songs in the 1990s by Haddaway What is love, it was simple and ridiculous. "What is love? Baby, Don't Hurt Me, Don't Hurt Me, No More."  It's a song about a guy who loves a woman who confuses him b/c he tries to please her and she doesn't care. Sometimes we may feel this way in our relationships. We all have a conscience. We can do something to stop first hurting ourselves and others. The remedy is Agape Love it starts first with you and God and spreads as a pandemic to others. Love Heals the Sick and the World. Join me and see love chains change the world! Agape Love from the Red Earth.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

LOVE at the Red Earth

Red is the color for love. It is the 2nd most common color of people around the world and blue is the first choice and my favorite. It is the color of blood exposed to oxygen. It's a visible sign of a wound infection. The color of eyes crying because of pain. It is also the new color of Heather's hair and Michelle G favorite lipstick who introduced me to medical missions 10 years ago. Here in Cameroon especially in the villages the dirt is red. There is a scientific explanation for the red soil; it is laterite a clay mixture of iron and aluminum that forms over long periods of time by the heavy rainfalls and the hot temperature. I see cornfields everywhere,
 starchy vegetables and exotic fruits that I can peel and eat. This red soil is fertile.
This has been an adventurous mission in the towns and villages in Cameroon Africa. Treacherous roads filled with craters and no paint on speed bumps. Many of the roads in the villages you have two options either travel by foot or on dirt bikes. Dexterity and balance is needed to climb hills  and walk on rocks. These and other challenges
(especially the lack of medical supplies) is a part of my life as a nurse missionary.  This 2nd call in my life as a compassionate messenger of Jesus has awaken my soul to the basic and medical needs of people throughout the world. I am not a saint every day. I have fears! I get up not knowing who I am going to meet and what to expect in the hospitals and clinics that I am serving in. Yes, I am crazy but add Holy in front of the word.  Sublime audacity in the mission field is necessary. God always has a way to provide someone to usher you into His presence whenever you are on a mission that seems impossible to you and the spectators. The power of two is truly amazing you become each other's witness of God's handiwork!
Dr. Harrison Ndetan, a professor at Parker University and biostatistician with a masters in Public Health is now my covenant brother. We met within 48hrs after being here at a gas station waiting for our rides to take us to different hospitals. He is truly an amazing man of God. We talk the same way and have the same mind set. He is making plans for next month to introduce me to his wife and 2 children when they visit Columbus, Ohio to checkout the supplies. Harrison had his 2nd call in an ICU as a chaplain with a dieing patient and chose to become a physician. He is in Buea as a 3rd year medical student to complete his tropical medicine rotation for a month. He has been the link to a respectable foundation that has orphanages and a hospital. In addition, Dr. Atanga, an OB/GYN who is publishing data on HIV+ mothers breastfeeding and the medication treatment of 6000 young HIV+ patients. We are all working together to bring supplies including water pumps to the villages that have no water before the year ends.
For example we experienced a miracle with Dr. Chuwunga, the retired health delegate of Buea has not put down his gloves as a general surgeon. Ruti calls him the doctor with ultrasonic fingers and grandpa like everyone in OR team. There are no ultrasounds here and only through palpitation he saved a 12yr old girl from dieing. Basically what was thought to be an umbilical hernia repair became an exploratory lap in which he discovers an softball size abscess. Dr. Chuwunga, is the first surgeon that I discovered who prays before operating on patients by placing his hands on the site and the staff in reverence listens to him and says amen. He is focused and has a great sense of humor.
Truly here on the red earth I have a loving family that will help me distribute the blessings from Central Ohio to those in need. A 40 ft container can save the villages, improve the quality of care of 3 hospitals and bring clothes and toys to the children. The children have my heart it takes them 5 mins to understand the love story of the cross. It is the foundation of why people like Harrison and myself respond to a second call,  accept the love of God and share it with everyone else! No matter where the Lord sends me I choose to serve him with LOVE.  It brings joy and laughter to those who are hurting and unites strangers to eternity. I love the RED EARTH and my new friends and family Love me. AGAPE from the Red Earth land of my ancestors that is fertile w/Love.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Love Outside Church Walls

Love hurts yet it is Freedom. The cost is priceless to the martyr. They knew life was selflessness and suffering was inevitable to advocate for social justice. They lived as servants of love and expressed it with their passionate cause. An example was Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Lutheran who spoke against the human cruelty towards the Jews and charged with espionage by Hitler. A man who chose to be in Germany even when the people that loved him in the US offered to protect him. He got caught by the Nazi regime for speaking the truth. Dietrich ended in a concentration camp and was hanged a week before the Allies reached the camp. This is a part of a song he wrote while in the camp.
"And when this cup You give is filled to brimming
With bitter suffering, hard to understand,
we take it thankfully and without trembling,
out of so good and so beloved a hand."
Daily true advocates are humbled, ridiculed, and called loners for the cause they war with. Dietrich in his writings reflected on this. Sometimes all the praying and studying to strategically infiltrate systems that have the power to bring hope and end the war on poverty & human atrocities is painfully exhausting and dangerous. God knows we need help. You are empty. Did you know while Dietrich was in the prison he befriended some of the guards. They would give him paper and a pencil to write. His writings have been a blessing for many. That's FOG (Favor of God). God provides a remnant of trustworthy people to spend quality time with you even in the barracks & experiencing Godspeed moments is rewarding.
Complacency is dangerous. Racing thoughts are hard to get rid of when you are surrounded by people who ignore the hurting. Sometimes you find rest in the arms of that person who knows you so well! You pace back and forth in the cell mind and sometimes it is literal. You run, curse, drink, take a sleeping pill and painful memories haunt you! I realized my healed hurts have been a key to setting people free who are currently experiencing them. I am an overcomer of tragic things by carefully surrounding myself by special people who love me unconditionally. They know me intimately. I am bless by them. I am not afraid to tell the world I was in counseling.
My heart is hand cuffed at times. I desire to speak the truth & I am shunned from the church platform. The truth is what set people free? It is like I am going to unveil the church & compete w/their offerings. That's not the case. I find comfort talking to God. I get angry with Him about the global church. It truly has lost it's first Love! I completely surrendered this shattered heart to Him. I just need to be ME w/Him & those around me. True love is contagion! OMG look at how the 1st church spread. It was a Love Revolution. It was not in the buildings. They were in the homes meeting each others needs. They fed the hungry, clothed the naked, took care of the orphans & widows. The more I study the GOOD BOOK I find my own remedies. I don't have much to offer yet I have LOVE. Love has freed me. Forgive the church is my command. There are a few chuches that are an exception.
In this furlough God has provided me a man who is so delicate with me. He has been a good therapy. I see and feel the Triune God whenever we are together. He has not disrespected me. He has seen me when my Latin boils. I sit on his lap after pacing back and forth and yelling about the social injustices and cry on his shoulder. The rejections from the churches & friends. He holds me prays for me and encourages, and pats me on my back. Now that is comforting. He makes me laugh even when I am sad. I realize a person who desires to be with you eternally needs access to ones heart even when it hurts. Their actions can lead to loyalty & closeness & forming that covenant relationship. Being truthful is the first step.
I found out about a few more churches that are expanding. I hurt when I see million dollar church buildings being built while there is homelessness and hopelessness around them. Is this a great investment while there are nonprofits serving the hurting, hopeless, and homeless? The church don't want person who smells like BO or Alcohol or even the prostitutes in their buildings. Holy Hypocrites! These religious people have contributed to the broken not wanting to go to church. Church is where there are 2 or 3 gathered. My friends tell me they are intimidated by these buildings. They don't feel loved. WE need to go to them. Meet them at their needs and that's love! That is why my heart for this 1 stop warehouse AKA LOVE DEPOT is the love remedy to Central Ohio, this nation and the world. This warehouse is for 1DIVINELINE2HEALTH & Basement Blessings and our partners to express love in many languages. We need to be together to provide hope to the hurting therapy, life skills, and etc. A smile, handshake, hug, nebulizer, fruit, shirt and toy is our love currency for people we serve. We are different some have tattoos, body piercings, a disability and all are ministers of love and are accepted by those who are struggling. We are love warriors and radicals to the churches yet we are ordinary people doing extraordinary works in our communities impacting the world at the same time.
My heart is sensitive and not sorry if I hurt people in this blog. I just want to be me. My heart beats for grace, mercy, favor and love. My life is at risk! I need to do something now and you can do that too! A lifestyle as an advocate against human cruelty is sometimes lonely and dangerous. For such a time is this for me to live as a loving ambassador for victims and their perpetrators. Why do that? Because true love chains oppress evil and brings change to the most hateful hearts. I know of people who were murderers, thieves, and the list can go on BUT something radically happened. AGAPE met them at their crossroads. The greatest social activist of humanity has given us a chance to unlock the hearts of evil people. Three things remain in humanity! Faith, hope and Love and the greatest is LOVE! Enjoy the power of love it frees you & me to meet each others needs!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

LOVE Freedom Part I

It has been over 60 days being home & filled with continuous Godspeed moments. Working as a jack of all trades driver, sorting the medical supplies, marketing, attending meetings, educating myself & others about human trafficking. The most fulfilling part of this furlough has been partnering with government agencies and nonprofits. I have made some new friends. On a presentation to a Girl Scout troop their parents & leaders the awesomeness of expressing love triggered their creativity. I don't know who was more excited them or me. The Girl Scouts troop volunteered to create inspirational rocks to our Sisters who will be moving into the Gilgal Houses (go to & look at the Bless Gilgal page to learn more). According to Strong's Dictionary Gilgal means a circle of stones. I got the first rock in my home office designed and signed by them. My prayers for the this generation is not to lose the human connection. For them to be encircled by caring people so they can look outside of themselves to make this world a safe and loving place to live in. Nowadays, everything is "I' phone, "I"pad, "I"tunes, & IIIIII.... want. Unfortunately, not many families gather around the dining table to talk and if they do the gadgets are present. People are depriving themselves from human contact the primary behavior that leads to a dark world of depression, isolation and addiction. There are many types of addictions from chemical to behavioral like, pornography. For example, a major cause for human trafficking is pornography. If we were all to join together and eliminate pornography it would be the first step on the war against human trafficking. Human beings are not sexual objects. The distorted views from pornography has a human cost of exploiting children, adolescents, men & females here and globally through legal and illegal brothels and other inhumane services.
To end human trafficking and other human atrocities is to remember the golden rule. The world view to love your neighbors as yourself is peace making and every culture acknowledges it as the golden rule. So why is it not being implemented by governments? I have enjoyed hanging out with atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, Moslems, Hindus, & Christians in my basement and in other arenas. They have been my divine connections to other humanitarian organizations. They understand LOVE is more than words it is ACTION EXPRESSED. Love brings freedom to those who are hurting throughout the world. Love is the remedy it makes people laugh & smile. I have joined a culture of people who sacrificed themselves everyday to expressed love. We are billionaires of love no matter the paths our journey lead us. Basement Blessings, Stowe Center, Metro Relief, Mercy Airlift, My Sister's Place, Matthew 25, Medshare and others are infectious with this remedy as they service those in need locally and globally.
In closing remarks to all the volunteers in this furlough thank you and God bless you! I still need more help. Here are some basement blessings stories from my home. Mickey on my right helped me sort and decorate my basement with butterflies. Abdi connected me with Mercy Airlift. I am now a billionaire of love and a multi millionaire owner of donated medical supplies. My side kick & covenant sister, Heather is relocating and still leading Basement Blessings from Missouri.  No matter the miles we are apart she will be in my heart and I will be in her precious heart! Nena, we are chained together here on earth and to the infinity to the infinity LOL! Missouri we are going to infect you with Agape Love! We sure had fun chilling together and God has a sense of humor to dumbfound the wise whenever we are together. Heather and I look like fools to many. We left the corporate world to live a purposeful, passionate, prayerful, & powerful life by using LOVE as our currency. Now we enter homes and corporate offices who are connecting with us. We call it FOG! Favor of God! Actually it wasn't taught in Graduate School and church but in the #1 best selling book throughout the world, the Bible our GPS in this life journey! "We are called to be free but do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; serve one another humbly in love." Love is Freedom. Evil imprisons. Innocent lives are murdered daily b/c of gender, race, age, organs, land, religion, politics, money, and other reasons. We can become change agents yes transformational leaders of love. Let us create a chain of love to free those prisoners of abuse, despair, grief, poverty, and brokenhearted. Join the Freedom Fighters for Love. There is one requisite and cost no money! Use your talent to express love to someone in need in your community. Remember everyone need community. People need to be loved! Go volunteer for a nonprofit and become a love remedy by bringing joy to someone or a group of people. Love is the key to set you free from selfishness and you become a positive impact to others who need to be loved. You are the key to set someone free. Freedom Loves. Become a world changer. To live is to serve with love! Stay tune to the next blog before I leave to Africa on another mission of love!