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Tragic Love Story

Love is a strategy in the midst of tragedy. This day is a memorial for the grass root movement of young lives standing against gun violence here and every where! I was blessed to be a part of March For Our Lives. What in the world is going on in the United States? We have policy makers wanting teachers to carry guns into our schools? They use the 2nd amendment to justify this idea! We have senators receiving funding from the National Rifle Association at the expense of the lives lost not only to hand guns but assault rifles. Let us be real here! I am armed with my voice piece and peaceful protest today according to the first amendment! Let me defog the brain of some folks in this blog. Since the Sandy
Hook Elementary School 2012 massacre that cost the lives of 20 first graders and 6 adults we still have assault rifles being sold? This tragic incident took place when a mentally insane 20 year old gunman came in with an ASSAULT RIFLE and semi automatic hand guns to live the game out of…

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